Call from the Crucified Heart

Call From The Crucified Heart is a prayer program with Relics of the Passion.  It is delivered as part of a one hour program that includes our Relics of the Passion collection of nine rare, documented relics.  Although relics such as these can be seen while visiting multiple sites in Rome, France and the Holy Land, the Call from the Crucified Heart program is a unique opportunity to have a personal encounter with these relics in a single venue while remembering the full story of Christ's Passion.  This context makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people.


The fruits of Christ’s Passion are so numerous and complex, they could only have been created and manifest by heavenly design. Our Lord’s Passion is the Father’s sharing of his love, mercy, healing and the promise of everlasting life, all given through the merits of his only begotten Son. In order to help us consider some of the very essence of these heavenly gifts, our program presents a recounting of the events on the path to Calvary using holy relics, meditations, intercessions, prayers and music. Our program highlights a facet of what we believe Christ’s message is to us from various scenes during his Passion. We have also made exposition of the Holy Eucharist a part of the meditative portion of our presentation, to underscore that time-transcending gift that connects us from His Passion to His Presence with us today.


The program is intended to help you walk beside Jesus throughout His Passion, using excerpts and materials from the Gospels of Sts. John and Luke, meditations on the Passion by the Passionist Missionaries and the writings of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich in her book, The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


As a tribute to Our Lady of Sorrows, our program also highlights a perspective on Mary as she accompanied Jesus on the path to Calvary.
We encourage the individuals attending our program to become participating entities in one of the most significant events that forms the foundation of our faith. We ask them to allow the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to speak to their heart so that they might experience the great love that God shares with them in the Passion of His Son.  The program ends with an opportunity for personal veneration of each of the relics.


Hosting one of our programs is relatively simple.  It all starts with a call or an email to get the process started.  Navigate using the buttons on the site to contact us for a special event at your parish.  It's an experience that will be remembered for a long time to come.