Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the presentation?

Our standard presentation with the meditations is 60 minutes long. There is always the added variable for veneration which lasts as long as people are coming forth for veneration. That part is dependent on the size of the crowd, something we have no control over. For set-up we usually need 60-90 minutes. About half of that time is allotted to help the parish officiant understand the elements of the event, to confirm the musical program with the musicians and to instruct individuals involved in processionals or holding the relics for veneration. Take down can usually be done in 15 to 20 minutes.

What do you charge?

We are essentially funded by free-will donations given at parish events, however special financial arrangements must be made for situations where extended travel and shipping are required.

What exactly does the Apostolate for Holy Relics provide for an event?

Our presentation is a packaged program that includes narration for an introduction, nine meditations and supporting prayers. We provide the accompanying musical arrangements (sheet music) for resources that the parish or presentation facility engages for the musical portions of the event.


  • We bring the eight relics that make up the Relics of the Passion collection with a ninth relic, of our choosing, that connects the faithful to their role as today's disciples of Christ.  We also provide the documentation for each of the relics to the clergy member representing the parish or presentation facility that needs to confirm or be assured of the validity of these artifacts.
  • We bring our own pedestals with linens.
  • We provide narration for the program.
  • We provide 10 posters to each church (mailed ahead of time to help promote the event) along with bulletin and pulpit announcements.
  • All the background elements are provided.  We have specially chosen icons and stand up banners for each of our events.
  • If the pastor has no objections, we ask the state level Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Team to participate in the event for processionals and veneration. We have worked successfully with them for the past several years in many states.  They add a significant element of reverence to the overall event. If they are not involved, we ask the pastor to select seven individuals that can be assigned to hold the relics for veneration.
  • We provide prayer cards for give aways (Prayer Before a Crucifix, compliments of the Knights of Columbus).
  • We provide programs for the congregation to follow along.
  • We request that we have a participating priest or deacon for exposition and reposition of the Holy Eucharist, to read a prepared set of prayers and to hold the relic of the True Cross for veneration.
  • We provide baskets for donations.
  • For events in CT we provide our own violinist and often times a cantor.  We expect the parish or presentation facility to provide an organist/pianist and cantor when our vocalist is not available.  For all events outside of CT we only provide a violinist, assuming that we can find local talent for the role.
  • We provide one long and one short version of proposed bulletin announcements and a pulpit announcement. The wording in all proposed announcements may be customized by the parish for their specific needs.

What are the specific things that the Apostolate for Holy Relics doesn't provide for an event?

  • Purificators - We need 8-9 for an event.  We have brought our own to past presentations, but getting them washed and pressed between events with our heavy schedule for Year of Mercy is just not feasible.
  • Organist/pianist
  • Cantor for events outside of CT and when our CT vocalist is not available.
  • Musical support is only required during the meditative portion of the program. Musicians are free to play ongoing musical selections provided by the Apostolate during veneration at their own discretion.
  • We currently have translations of the program in Spanish and Vietnamese.
  • We do not provide a translation for ASL.
  • If the pastor would like to have a photographer or videographer for the event, that would be his choice and at the parish expense.  We would not be involved in the cost or coordination for these activities.  If the parish chooses to engage such services for the event, we simply ask that they conduct their activities with reverence for the relics (i.e. ask first) and respect for the presenters and the faithful.

What other arrangements are required for an event?

We need to have an individual available at the Church to unlock the doors and turn on the lights 90 minutes prior to the event and provide us with enough time (15-20 minutes) to remove all of our equipment before totally closing the church. The organist/pianist and cantor should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the event to run through a practice session. Sheet music will be provided well ahead of time so the practice is designed to assure that all three components of the musical program will come together effectively.

A place needs to be provided for the 4th degree knights to vest prior to and store their gear for the event. In thanks for their participation in our program, 4th degree knights are invited to allow the relic of the True Cross to rest on their hearts for a personal moment with the Crucified Christ. This is usually done when veneration has been completed for all others at the very end of the event.