Messages of Divine Mercy

Messages of Divine Mercy:  A Program with Relics of St. Faustyna Kowalska is a one-hour presentation provided by the Apostolate for Holy Relics (AHR).

The program allows the faithful to engage in meditative review of messages provided to St. Faustyna Kowalska as noted in her Diary.  The program features the following major elements:

  • Christ's Passion (quoted directly from the Diary)
  • The Holy Eucharist (quoted directly from the Diary)
  • Recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Special music that allows for a meditative atmosphere and engages the faithful
  • Veneration for each of the relics (relics of St. Faustyna and Relic of the True Cross)
  • Exposition of the Holy Eucharist as part of the meditative portion of our presentation (a direct imitation of the format used at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy on a daily basis).  Its purpose is to highlight that time-transcending gift that connects us from his Passion to his Presence with us today.
  • The delivery format is narrative given by a female voice, representing St. Faustyna integrated with a male voice representing Jesus in their conversations.

A collection of holy relics such as this can rarely be seen together with a full supporting program.  When the relics and program are brought together in a singular capacity highlighting St. Faustyna's interactions with Jesus, the faithful engages in a memorable experience that provides for a new or renewed perspective on the Divine Mercy of Jesus. 


The AHR is a Catholic evangelization ministry that uses holy relics to accomplish its mission that comes under the guidance of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.