Stigmata of Love

Stigmata of Love:  A Program with Relics of Padre Pio is a one-hour presentation provided by the Apostolate of the Holy Relics (AHR).

The program allows the faithful to engage in a unique meditation on the life and legacy of St. Pio of Pieltricina, while highlighting the following features:

  • Two of his holy relics (the Heart Cloth and Beard Clippings) along with the relic of the True Cross.
  • The presentation is supported with music and meditation and culminates in veneration of each of the relics.
  • There are 3 specially designed readings highlighting Padre Pio's perspective from the day he received the visible Stigmata and testimonies from individuals that knew him or received special blessings through his intercession.
  • Also included is the prayer Padre Pio wrote for the faithful to ask for healing of body, mind, soul and spirit.  The accompanying program includes several interludes played before and between meditations.  We have also made exposition of the Holy Eucharist a part of the meditative portion of the presentation, to highlight the true source of Padre Pio's gift of the Stigmata and his emulation of Christ's Passion.

The AHR is a Catholic evangelization ministry that uses holy relics to accomplish its mission.